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Whatever your paving needs are, we can plan, design and build to the specification you need.  Whether it’s a driveway, patio, pathway or repairs, theres no part of paving that we can’t do.  We can also relay your existing paving to save you money.

Driveway Refurbishment, Cochrane Park

The customer called ST Brickwork to renovate the front of his property using the existing paving blocks.  Before we came along, this customers driveway was in a terrible state thanks to some extremely bad workmanship in the past.  The drive itself had sunk by around 3-4 inches due to poor ground leveling and a diabolical amount of sand underneath where there should have been solid hardcore.  They has also been using 2 trench blocks as a front step for over 5 years,,,, which wasn’t helping the customers knee and back problems.  Fast forward to 2017 and they now have a nice solid, level drive and walkway and finally a doorstep which didn’t make them fear stepping out in case it flips or wobbles.  All the stones from previous were lifted, cleaned and re-used and the ground underneath properly stabilised with a solid base.  At ST Brickwork we thrive to make our customers happy and show them how work should be done, all making it as affordable as possible at the same time.

Works included:

  • Groundworks
  • Reclaim existing paving blocks
  • Relay paving blocks

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December 18th, 2015


Mr Stephen Mallam